About us

Prozena - A company that since 2008 has been delivering management of change for major players in the IT area.

We do not see the concept of seniority as the number of years of service, but a proven ability to assess situations and adapt our actions in order to drive changes to the desired goal in every situation. It is about having the innate aptitude and acquired know-how to do what gives the best long-term results. We at Prozena are seniors and have the confidence to lead operations and projects to success.

We do what we are good at, nothing else

Our offer is management within the IT area. We want to stick to this line and not diversify the business but take the time needed to grow by taking on challenging assignments and delivering results. Carefully selecting people to hire and partners who we know can complement us. Our firm belief is that in this way we build a good reputation and attract talented people who share our ambition and have the social skills required in the job as a leader.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure – Colin Powell”

We make sure to understand the purpose of the assignments before we start the planning. We achieve the goals by working in a structured way, with a strong focus on the planning stage to ensure that the often costly implementation phase can be completed as efficiently as possible. Or that in some cases give the client an early insight into the fact that there are major risks that the expected outcome will not be achieved.

In addition to a personal mark to succeed in their task, our staff has certifications according to ITIL, IPMA, PMI, Cobit and leadership programs from previous employment in multinational companies. We have customers with extra high requirements for security, such as banks and the defense industry, for which our consultants are security classified.